Who We Are.

First and foremost we are photographers, designers, and marketing experts.
Person working on editing pictures and using the Full Frame Systems platform
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We’ve walked a mile in your shoes.

And we know that it’s not easy. Which is exactly why our founder Barry decided to create a solution for all his pain points as a long time real estate photographer and business owner. The goal has always been to make business smoother and more effective for real estate photographers and we are always evolving, updating and adding tools to our software to allow just that!
Our designers

Meet The Team

Barry's hands are always full, whether it be a contract, a crossword, a sand wedge or a spatula.

Barry Fisch

Chris would love to be a world famous musician… Luckily, his programming skills far surpass his talent for playing guitar. When Chris isn’t behind a computer screen, he can be found spending time with his wife and daughters or watching British comedies.

Chris Hankel

I'm not very good at telling you about myself. I am just the consummate coder who is in charge of this massive platform called Full Frame Systems. However... I do like a good Microbrew when I turn my brain down

Mark O’Donell

Give Daniel a problem, especially a technological one, and he won’t stop until he finds a solution. In his free time, Daniel enjoys cooking, playing video games, watching hockey and automating household tasks.

Daniel Shteremberg

Leah’s passion is growing businesses through marketing. She’s constantly looking to improve current marketing tactics and systems to get Full Frame to the right people to help their businesses grow. When she’s not marketing she loves music, soccer, running, reading, traveling and just hanging out with friends and family.

Leah Johnson

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